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Federal Work Study Information

Summer 2018 (2018-2019 academic year)

FWS supervisors will be contacted via your CCNY email once we are ready to begin listing summer 2018 FWS jobs.

2018-2019 FWS awarded students will be contacted via their CCNY email regarding summer 2018 FWS.

Spring 2018 Information:

Last Day to work for Spring 2018 FWS: 5/24/18. All students must stop working 5/24/18. Unused funds expire 5/24/18 and do not carry over into summer 2018.

All on-campus FWS job applicants must apply online. Off-campus FWS jobs applicants must contact the Financial aid Office.

Supervisors: You may post your spring 2018 FWS positions and interview new student applicants now! Please inform the students, who you are selecting hire requests for, to report to the Financial Aid Office to complete the Eligibility Screening process. The student Placement and Eligibility Screening will begin on February 05, 2018. Students may not begin to work until both the supervisor and student receives an email with the FWS contract from the Financial Aid Office. Please see information on returning FWS students below.

Students may apply for spring 2018 FWS jobs now! The spring 2018 Federal Work-Study Placement and Eligibility Screening will begin on February 05, 2018 at the Financial Aid Office A-104.

New student applicants must interview with supervisors for FWS positions. Once supervisors agree to the hire, students must complete the Eligibility Screening process with the Federal Work-Study Financial Aid Office.  Students may not begin employment until:

1). Eligibility Screening process is completed.

2). An email confirmation with the hire start date is sent to both the FWS Supervisor and student by the Federal Work-Study, Financial Aid Office. 

Returning FWS students employed during the 2017-2018 Fall and/or Intersession may return to work on February 5, 2018 if the following apply:

  • You have remaining FWS funds.
  • You are registered for at least 6 credits. 
  • You are in good academic standing. 
  • You are reporting to the same position employed for 2017-2018 Fall and/or Intersession.

FWS Supervisor Note:  Supervisors who did not complete a 2017-2018 Supervisor Information Form for the summer 2017 FWS period must submit the form before the job posting is approved for fall 2017/spring 2018.