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Welcome Supervisors!

2019-2020 FWS Supervisor Forms

2019-2020 FWS Supervisor Information Form

FWS Job Posting and Placement Information for Supervisors

Statement of Supervisor Responsibilities Form

FWS Payroll Schedule

*Note: Timesheets can be submitted before timesheet due date once the student has finished working for the pay period. Time sheets MUST be approved by supervisors by the deadline listed on the payroll schedule. Any time sheets with errors will be rejected.


College Assistant Supervisor Forms

CUNY Application

W-4 Tax Form

IT-2104 Tax Form

Confidentiality Agreement

Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 


College Assistant and Student Aid Payroll Schedule


Student Assistantship Supervisor Forms

Student Assistantship Timesheet

Professional Competencies

Student Assistantship Budget Modification Form

Student Assistantship Data Form

Non-Tax Levy/Student Assistantship Pay Schedule